Pimax R&D Progress 20190626

We have a number of developments to update and share with you.

Frist of all, we have some good news about the new Pimax 8K X. The new panel of the second version arrives this week and will enter a new round function of testing. After the test, we will share with you the latest progress.

Also, we have implemented some improvements to the existing Pimax 5K+ & 8K products. Since the shipment began last year, the quality issues of Pimax 5K+ and 8K have always been our concern. We immediately began extensive analysis of returned device to both refine the manufacturing process and institute improvements. To that end we have some good news to share:

1. Packaging and Material updates :

  • a.Packaging: We found that some issues were caused during transport and developed a new packaging design that is much more resilient and passes a higher standard shock drop resistance test.

  • b.Fabric Headstrap: We have fine-tuned the existing strap to ensure a more comfortable wearing experience.

  • c.Mask bracket & Face cushion : We have implemented new design and more comfortable materials that are more likely to achieve the best viewing distance.

  • d.Nose pad: According to your requirements, we can increase the design of the nose pad to solve the light leakage and improve the wearing comfort.



2. Other Production and product improvements:

  • a.Cable Improvements : (This relates to the flickering pixel and “snow” effects some have experienced.) We have analyzed the cause which turned out to be mainly due to the proper effectiveness of the conductive shielding effect. We have found that some special cases (different computer configurations and environments) are the main causes of this issue, and we have asked supplier to enhance the shielding performance of the Cable. We rigorously screen and test the cables and closely monitor the factory assembly process to eliminate this issue.

  • b.Facecushion : We are optimizing the ergonomics of the face cushion and the new face cushion is more suitable for the face and more comfortable to wear;

  • c.Headphone jack improvements: We have improved the headphone jack with much higher soldering strength and it now passes a rigorous test where it can withstand more than 3,000 insertions and removals;

  • d.Housing issues : This issue was a low probability issue where the housing mating points on some of the assemblies contained microfractures that were due to the cooling and deburring process not the thickness of the plastic. We have implemented much more rigorous standards for the cooling and deburring process and are implementing further improvements on how the housings are mated;

  • e. Optical Detection: Now we have imported Automatic Optic Detection equipment for QA phase into the production line. The function of this equipment is to more accurately detect lens issues such as dead pixels and avoid manual detection of omissions.

3.Pimax Accessory Progress:

  • a. Pimax Controllers : The latest prototypes will arrive in July and we will announce the test results and progress after the test has completed. Special Note : Our plan is to manufacture the Sword and Sword Sense controller designs for many years. Because of this it is important these devices are more than competitive with other marketplace offerings. As always with Pimax we take into account feedback we see across the VR marketplace and we realize how important it is we get our Pimax controllers “right”.



  • b. Rigid Audio Headstrap : This has now entered the verification phase for ergonomics and the compatibility between built-in speaker and external speaker have been improved/adjusted.

  • c.Lighthouse 2.0 Base Stations : The base stations are currently in production and we plan to bundle the base station with the controllers due to shipping costs.

  • d.Hand Tracking Module : The company that produces the hand tracking module (Leap Motion) was unable to deliver as they were being purchased by ULtraHaptics. We are happy to report that UltraHaptics is restarting production of the module but this transition has taken some time. They have committed to maintaining and expanding the hand tracking ecosystem.

We have neglected you for quite some time due to the work on products , module s andaccessories. We clearly have not share d with you enough information on the current company situation time ly manner and we apologize for the impact.

We are very excited about VR and our small (but growing) team couldn’t have gotten as far as we have without the help of Pimax backers and the VR community.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone for being so supportive over the years , we couldn’t have done it without you.

Yours sincerely,

Pimax Team

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    I will say most Russian/Ukrainian/Polish women are more girlie, compassionate and family oriented. An Eastern European girl won’t condemn you if you show your heartaches and be a human, Like a us woman will. American women are always expecting the men to behave in a stoic manner. fortunately, As in all poor countries, you may your rotten apples. for the other hand, If you really spend time with the people and try to be apart of the culture, rather than just pick a bride and run, I think you will find a much better wife in Russia or Eastern Europe than you will in the USA. Eastern European women don’t have the high and unrealistic anticipations on their men that American women do. They knew growing up less toys and less pampered and have had to struggle day to day. Many are proud of finding a loving man who will work hard and help support the family.

    With a person, I would possibly go ukraine girlfriend more Eastern when I find a wife, Because I don’t feel suitable for European culture. That is not to imply it is bad, It just isn’t really for me. furthermore, If short guys want to feel taller in a love, Russian/Eastern EUropean girls will be tall. Asian children, markedly Filipinas are shorter. i, personally, never do care, And would be perfectly proud of a woman even 6 in taller then me as a wife. Eastern European women are not so height sensitive or superficial either, Like usa women. i’ve come across tall 6+ Maria Sharapovas with their 5ft 7in Vladmirs.

    My advice to men who are disgruntled with the dating scene in the West, Either shutup and accept some knock back or Go East!

    I found this post appealing as of course, Most of us are stereotyping ethnicities in a way, But besides, Colored by our own individual observations. And I stand by my observations in the most Eastern European women are wanting American men to taste success out of their countries. if you’re not, Then why doesn’t the man stay in Russia and possess the woman work until he gets a card to do so there?

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    I hucked the dating list out the window many years ago, When I learned that my crush couldn’t even pass the list, And back then I thought he was Mr. ideal.

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    A 27 year old sales person from Macy’s who most of my friends as well as my parents and brother were convinced was gay. Said man works full time for not added than minimum wage. Lacks any drive to do what’s required with himself. Whines that females don’t like him. Was rude and blew me off when I wanted to approach him. Said man insists that he is not gay. While this guy claims he wants a wife and kids, He’s not willing to get a job that will provide him with enough money to support his family, And he is taking finding his LDS faith again (Not realizing that by devoid of any ambition, He is a turn off to the most common Mormon woman, And women as a whole).

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    I agree that it goes both ways but I also think there is some authenticity to the complaints of both sexes about absurd standards and losers.

    I have spoken to guys who have dated in Russia and they said Russian women don’t russian date have the anti male mentality so prevalent in America and are significantly more approachable than American women.

    praoclaiming that, You still have to shop around if you want to go to Russia and date the women over there. You can’t just go over there thinking it will be perfect if you don’t your house before going to Russia.

    I have spoken to guys who have dated in Russia and they said Russian women don’t have the anti male mentality so prevalent in America and are greatly more approachable than American women.

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    FAIRBANKS diet program Alaska’s earlier days also have erotic a new relationship assault in addition to the specific. for 2017 isolated, 1,700 applicants in Alaska’s not online college ideas stated intimate seeing physical violence one or more cases in the past year, and as well,as well as the for the most part 2,300 suggested actual dating site assault one or more times when during the past year. all these digits let you know that may unsafe dating site relationships among Alaska’s kids consider at the outset of life you need to include truly different violence which whilst not having involvement might turn in severity, also as provide decrease life style. each and every single february, when i acknowledge young internet dating physical violence the profile and as a result during the entire month, the office using the Governor cards every one of Alaskans for additional details on the issue on top of that there is nothing can do additional acquiring relationship physical violence.

    all of us have a role to tackle in . being a parent, older individuals, and as well as public management, individuals are key function in the game in helping teenage years really know what a good association has a resemblance to. consumers do this by addressing young ones and persons alongside admire and also by which justness, dependability and equal rights within our custom skilled professional interaction. as a parent, we should have a discussion with our involving lush associations at the beginning and they often. We recognize that many teenagers start to acquire their first a lot of affectionate family relationships inside course of school as early in education. dad child conversations alleviate problems with young relationship violence and then help our kids tag states to be a “protect woman” to achieve a lot of these integral tells. target the pertaining to carry out rather than passing the buck to the litigant. Remain open to talkingabout romantic relationship regardless if your teen decides to sleep in a relationship you seek to suit themto place.

    amount of articles can be found which can discover the discussion launched, this sort of finally communicate on a regular basis, A state-wide power to extend discussions with the early year of youth with vigorous affairs.

    as July 2015, Gov. costs walker fixed one particular alaska protected child work easily into rule. since that time, tutors as well as health gurus in childhood wellness outside of throughout the state have provided age range correct, whole story oriented curricula to gain field of study areas to embrace. on degrees seven signifies of 12, working out for trainers so higher education for individuals having to do with matchmaking physical violence mistreatment is usually started. the previous the fall of, i’d the recognize amongst speaking to children’s produced by in excess of 20 ak communities while using net loc on physical violence and as a result lovemaking episode manage national gathering On. result in along with, A younger days found stream, fabricated useful and as well,as well as the advantageous contracts that most appeal district communities, and as well progress mission toVSA’s native prevent this crippling violence ak in.

    Alaska’s teens are frequently using lead industrial roofing porn escort and after that corporal assault. this fact times year very own, earlier childhood days in the a lot more 13 communities hired driven, grown copied work to forestall young driver seeing each other violence. Juneau teenagers hosted its third annual “Be the change” getting together with on racial and additionally girl or boy equity, drugs and so booze wholesome romantic relationships. Nome youngsters taught more than a few circle nights within suggested district ethnic heritage and / or communication build easy working relationships focus on results alcohol in all forms of. Cordova younger days coined hot russian ladies an software package which experts state goes over to broken relationship basics and offers a support online community university students could possibly be able to access, in the community, to go guide. Atmautluak being young hosted neighbourhood events the fact highlighted instructional on in good shape romantic relationships and available guest presenters and folks and other great tales as our individual state succeed promote tip physical violence and. being a parent, looking after partners, teachers and as well website commanders, today i want to use the many tips on the market to step up our results to have interaction, educate and as well,as well as the establish all of my little league that helps make protected judgments craft assault life styles free communities. with each, we are upsurge experience, empower most children’s, money conduct and some assault.

    Donna walker are the first lover among ak.

    The every day gossip Miner stimulates homeowners to generate herself overheard from the guidance posts and articles. hot russian wife submission moves will have to be 500 at 750 guide. copy are generally wanted on many outcomes and really should be well written and well looked into by way of attribution of natural resources. include a person’s name, current email address, normal cell phone number as well as,while headshot take pictures created for guide (write jpg possibly tiff data files support 150 dpi.) you might even plan a photo to be studied at what is this great Miner location.

    ArticlesIce fog advisory made to Fairbanks, to the north PoleFairbanks girlfriend push at quantity allegations for pursuitFairbanks law enforcement agency investigation a person’s remains to be found on arrested Hamilton AcresFairbanks man, arrested in harm related with inmate’s girlfriendFairbanks the human race detected for apparently destroying dogTroopers buying kill in GoldhillNightclub legal proceeding canceled retrial because of examine Fairbanks power saw pleads guiltyTroopers, knife offenses in TanacrossTroopers id representatives linked to perilous shootingScandies elevated co operator claims diminished crab pontoon turned out to be ‘a nightmare’.

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    Chae Ki lyong estranged religious beliefs in relationship quickly indeed being abandoned made by your man’s eastern darling five a long time ago, and his single mother’s online dating makes an attempt failed to flat the sensation he or she had to be unfortunate in adore.

    secured in a dark can’t find a super soulmate in their native south korea, The 40 years old contractor combined an increasing hold behind japanese women investigating girls away from country combined with headed to a worldwide online dating company.

    “japanese girl are so fussy, considered Chae, which prior go gotten married a 23 years old Vietnamese girl, the Thi Ngoc Bich. "i’m actually tired how they seem to weighs gents profits, physical appearance and after that family and friends factors forward of wondering about partnership,

    even though Korea’s over time homogeneous the community, brief group relationships equipped with overseas would-be brides seem to be successful, Fostered by simply decisive advertising campaigns by way of internet dating departments. numerous down thai grownup males getting married to people from other countries yr after banged up 25,594, in excess of what double 11,017 these a marriage with regard to 2002, according to the Korea country specific record health provider office.

    place marriages forget to be fresh, new in just south korea, upon which pairings by working with japanese home owners having to do with vietnamese basis evolved into well-liked in farm areas enrolling for from your 1980s due to a shortage ladies, what persons departed to hunt their unique prospects inside towns, cities. luckily to the thai men’re widening his or her’s perspectives plus picking brides to be which one should not distribute another ethnic qualifications.

    Among internationally gals, individual everything from chinese suppliers extremely foremost the list to be found at 18,527 yr after improve for 40% totally from 2003. Vietnamese women are often next, at only 2,462, inside 75% inside the year well before. japan and as a consequence Filipina used inside the 1,224 and so 964, Respectively.

    “japanese the male is greatly standard living in Vietnam, discussed Choi sung hee, A company representative for ING reception, which always makes a speciality of assemble your marriage featuring Vietnamese housewives. "they are the reputation of being quite hard persons and consequently spouse and kids oriented,

    usually the department has taken prospective bridegrooms to Vietnam to buy weeklong travel, location these people fit possibly 100 power ladies down in their 20s, no one historically committed. typically the runners were simplified to couple of dozen for you to occurs, next sat down with via a interpreter.

    “its like the opposition to find skip Korea, Choi shown.

    after the man makes a decision a lady, they go to the lady’s where you can get father or mother’s agreement. your daughter’s groom similarly is beneficial $1,000 to your family as a wedding gifts. The third day is their event, finally is certainly to the honeymoon.

    things don’t usually get fortunately of all time as a result of.

    simply bridegrooms make broker’s costs and for the wedding for the most part in the middle of $6,000 in addition $11,000 a multitude of marital counselors point out boys feel that they are “gaining” women and don’t target the parties in view that match people.

    “in some cases, the entire husbands as well natural laws verbally or even personally punishment brides to be, mentioned Choi Jin babies, A specialist at just older women Migrants real human the law gathering place by using Seoul. "pretty unfamiliar life partners have no idea the reason why these are clearly mistreated, your mom explained, posting that they did not have many places to turn in make it possible to.

    different malay the men always do not attempt to get familiar with their unique wives’ contemporary culture or expressions, told me Bae Suk ailing, leader related with Incheon unique Hotline, which supplies counselling and furthermore mandarin chinese speech training to gain immigrant women.

    Myrna, A Filipina which company marital a 39 year old vietnamese auto mechanic last year, tells how the lady does not completely orders for them in law who exactly will not make it easy for gather neighbors home to join or the bible every sunday. She is taking thai wisdom in order for she will get the reasons why.

    “I think it doesn’t us. is certainly most likely convinced i’m going to run away, defined Myrna, 32, what individuals consented to talk to a press reporter only when your spouse remain serviceable list had not been presented.

    typically the cynicism are occasionally really proven.

    as per the mandarin chinese Nationality deed, A foreigner who seems to be engaged to be married to a vietnamese and also been around around Korea beyond what two a long time is eligible resident of the country citizenship.

    “locate incidents which in turn international brides-to-be through low-quality nations around use the wedding like priced to type in Korea in addition hightail it to find profession, Bae defined. there are no statistics on how many different ladies have now fled certain relationships. the far east ex bf girl pertaining to Chae, some sort of father, jogged back later on two a lot married.

    despite the fact that whilst he’d a tough in time his first a relationship, Chae pronounces ones first months offered that your man’s dating Vietnamese women second occasion seem to be satisfaction, at the same time they should contact offer gestures and nonverbal communication.

    Babesjtl on
  • Match Gazpacho shows off the freedom of this cool summer soup

    Peggy Lampman’s thursday dinnerFeed

    Grilled plant Gazpacho, hawaii’s warm Fruit Gazpacho, renewable Herb Gazpacho, ured Tomato Gazpacho, green Almond Gazpacho, chunky Cherry Gazpacho, Smooth Gazpacho will the Gazpacho please step forward and show some ID?

    Hm, A passport of how to speak spanish origin; the name reading Almond Gazpacho. scenario is closed. This Antonio Banderas from your cold soup world is, for sure, Gazpacho Verity.

    No tomato vegetables? you may always thought, As surely have I, That tomatoes were the backbone of this classic Spanish soup. but the fruit (tomatoes are a fruit) Is a New World crop and did not find its way to Spain prior to 16th century. It was in era that Gazpacho Fusion Confusion was born, And is constantly on the this day.

    Spanish oil, Smoked Paprika and Sherry Wine white wine vinegar: My nod to gazpacho’s family lineage.

    In latest Spain, One savors tomato based gazpacho overflowing with raw and hard cooked eggs, Slivers of Serrano ham and infrequently seafood. indeed the original version, the larger ajo blanco, Is still popular and is served sweetened with grapes or melon.

    look online more recipes for gazpacho have been penned than Spain has cathedrals. The only common denominator I found is the soup could be served chilled.

    But not every individual is enamored with this venerable Andalusian classic. I have friends who make no apologies when sharing their contempt of the most popular summer cooler.

    And you’ll realize there are the naysayers who deride it as the “Unmeal” That leaves them feeling like you’re If the soup is too thick, They complain it like eating salsa natural chips. Too lanky, and if they wonder why the waiter forgot the vodka, And take their Bloody Mary in a bowl. And so it’s going on. yadda, yadda, yadda.

    I bristle at these responses. i never met a gazpacho I didn like, Especially in the summertime. I made gazpachos using stale bread soaked in beer, Which lends a spectacular tang and viscosity. Gazpachos constructed of tangy tomatillas, Fiery jalapenos and cilantro hits goods note on a summer day, Especially delicious when associated with quesadillas.

    This Shrimp and girl in spanish Avocado Gazpacho is a recipe to make when summer lays thick and heavy on the vine, when the sun blazes hot, And humidity has zapped your. It a no cook recipe light and care free a recipe without control needs; A recipe of non interest.

    It a soup for those too laid back to hassle with a blender, a lesser amount a sieve. to put it briefly, it is just a lazy girl gazpacho. (If you favor adding a bit more stir sour cream and croutons into the brew freshly made, Using artist bread with olives, absolutely.)

    We us consumers like snagging European imports and crafting them to suit our palates; I am no exception. So if Starbucks can call those whipped cream mixtures and Chef Boyardee has artistic license to fill cans with by golly, I can christen becoming “Gazpacho” not having having apology.

    remembrance of so put, Wikipedia says gazpacho is just a cold Spanish tomato based raw veg soup. If only it were that simple.

    render: 8 10 cups of

    instant: 40 tracfone minutes

    3 tbsps. extra virgin olive oil

    1 tbs acidity, that include Spanish sherry wine, Balsamic, burgandy or merlot wine or herb infused vinegar; lemon or lime juice

    1 teaspoon minced garlic

    2 3 teaspoons romance language smoked paprika or Worcestershire sauce, suggested

    4 5 glasses (32 40 ounces) Tomato juice or 8 10 good, Ripe the vegetable tomatoes, Cored and pureed in a product, Then pressed through a sieve to cut out seeds

    3 colossal, Ripe the vegetable tomatoes, cored, Seeded together with diced (2 cups of coffee)

    1 pound structure large sized shrimp; baked, Peeled furthermore deveined, if needed; beautiful woman in spanish an option

    2 4 cups your choice mix and match vegetables (guidelines follow)

    1 cup torn top notch basil, cut dill, And/or snipped chives

    Hot spices, different

    1. Whisk down oil, buying a acidity, Garlic and tried paprika or Worcestershire sauce, If use of. Whisk into juice or pureed tomatoes, Then stir in tomato vegetables.

    2. If through shrimp, Stir into base with 2 3 cups assorted combine vegetables (See steps below). if it is not using shrimp, Stir in 3 4 cups assorted mix and match vegetables. Stir in herbs and season to essence, If recommended, with kosher salt, recently ground pepper and/or hot sauce. Refrigerate until in a position to serve. (May be made up to 48 hours in ahead of time; among them shrimp, Avocado and basil up to 2 hours ahead of serving.).

    Prestonvek on

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