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Pimax 5k+ review: Impressions and Measurements

Before I write a review of Pimax 5k+ I have to make it clear that I had almost all the VR headsets, starting with the LG G3 and Homido phone, and then all the PC headsets (Deepoon e2/e3, Pimax 4k, Oculus DK2/CV1, HTC Vive+DAS, Lenovo Explorer, Dell Visor, Samsung Odyssey, Samsung Odyssey+) as well as PSVR v2 with PS4 Pro, Oculus Go. At the time of receiving the Pimax 5k+ in January 2019, I only had 3 headsets available to compare Pimax 5k+: HTC Vive, Samsung Odyssey+ and PSVR.   THE FIRST EXPERIENCE The first time you connected the HMD,...

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Finally ! Received Pimax 8K (Backer #141) - By grzvs

Bringing my grain of sand. The wide field of view.The field of view is good, I though it would be more inmersive but vertical field of view kill it. I do not recommend anything less than wide field of view, because with medium and narrow you get again the feeling of a dive mask. You can see Distortion besides each side but as it is mentioned you get used to it and you have to do anormal view to see that distortion, eg: it is like trying to see your shoulder without turning your head. SDE.It is less noticiable than...

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My Pimax 5k+ Review - By aesopfabled

-Pros and cons. Some pros: This is the first hmd that is designed for virtual reality users, not people new to vr. It fixes a fundamental problem I dealt with for years now, the claustrophobic sensory deprivation of low field of vision. Pimax could have released this headset over a year earlier than it did. They heard the community say it needed tons of quality refinements, and a miracle in itself, we have a company that went the distance and improved their product exponentially better than its original design. Actions speak louder than words and while early on words weren’t...

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