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Add the world’s most advanced hand tracking to any

Pimax virtual reality headset, using the Hand Tracking

Module powered by Ultraleap.

Ultraleap’s optical hand tracking captures the

movements of your hands with unparalleled accuracy

and near-zero latency.

The Hand Tracking Module is designed to be easily added

to the bottom of your Pimax headset.

Fast, robust, and accurate

Ultraleap’s hand tracking is based on skeletal tracking.

This model not just your palm or fingertips, but the

bones inside your hand to creating highly robust, fast and

accurate results.

Interact naturally and intuitively

No wearables or controllers needed. Just your hands.

Grabbing, swiping, pushing, pinching … they all become

as effortless as they are in the real world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So you have hand tracking, now what?

The hardware unit is great! Easy to install, wait where do I get drivers. Here are some third party drivers and a software development kit. Oh wait there isn’t any practical applications for this yet. The developer doesn’t appear to list the Pimax hardware on its site. Ok they are kind of working but stuttering using the visualizer. Am I supposed to calibrate? If so, how so? Now that Pitools recognizes them, how do I tell it not to use them since no software supports them? These seem like they’d be great, someday, when they are at all supported. If you’re not a developer, save your money, for now.


To OK. But software needs to be better.

Works perfectly

No issues, easy to setup. It's been a few months of use and still works fine. I haven't noticed any overheating issues when idle.

very nice

This is very nice even though I dontknow what it is!

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