6m Fiber Optical Cable

$ 119.00 USD


  • This cable is just available for Pimax headset which is USB powered supply:8KX,5K Super,part of 8K PLUS/Artisan.
  • If your headset is powered by power adapter,it is not suitable.
  • It is a replacement cable, not an extension cable.
  • Price doesn't include any Tax,shipped from China




Customer Reviews

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6m Optical cable from PIMAX for 8KX

I purchased and received the 6m optical cable from PIMAX. It was very easy to install and worked as advertised....I did not notice a difference in the quality of the image nor did I see any adverse effects that have been listed on other comments, (snow, particles, etc.). I am disappointed that it cannot be longer, (or can it?) as it is just barely long enough for my use. I set approximately 10 feet / 3.048 meters, from my computer and use a 80" monitor for my PC computing screen. The headset must run under a carpet then to my chair and up from the floor to my head (approx. 3.5ft above the floor) this allows for just barely enough cable remaining to allow head movements for gaming. It works well and functions for what I need, but a couple of more feet of length would make it ideal. This is why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars, as well as the price of $134.00 US including shipping. This is reasonable for this type and length of cable, but seems too much for the owners of the headsets to pay extra for it...I think $75.00 to $90.00 would be more reasonable. Anyway it is functional I like the added length to the 4.5m or 5m cable that came with it. As there was no noticeable improvement in image quality (that I noticed) it seems more than we should pay.


I posted my review of this cable on YouTube: https://youtu.be/vfAT_8lIdAI

Summary: It's longer, more flexible and works great.

Finally got the cable

The 6M fiber cable is noice!! That extra 5 feet is needed, and now with just 1 USB to connect. I measured it to be 19 feet, the original that comes with the 8KX is not a 5M cable, 4.5 I think and is to short fellas. So if you want that extra 5 feet and don't want to mess around trying to find the right cables that will extend and work, this is a must. Worked instantly!

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