Pimax Vision 5K Super(180 Hz)

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    • Infinite pursuit, unlimited exploration. Unremitting efforts of Pimax have finally led to headsets with a display refresh rate of experimental 180Hz. The new Vision 5K Series, Pimax 5K SUPER is on SALE!
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    • What's included:1 * 5K Super VR Headset、1 * 4.5m USB/DP Cable、1 * User Manual
    Refresh RateFOV(D)
    180 Hz150°
    160 Hz170°
    144 Hz185°
    120 Hz200°
    90 Hz200°

    Customer Reviews

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    Know your mission

    This is probably a great device for certain applications but it doesn’t work very well for x-plane which is what I need it for.

    IPD is Wrong

    The IPD of the headset only goes down to 68mm. The headset falsely displays 60 IPD on screen but measure the distance of the two center points of the lenes and its 68. No wonder it is so bluury with my 58 IPD.

    Sorry for the bad experience,could you submit a ticket at the support center?
    Technical support and After-sales team will help you ASAP.

    Pimax Store

    Great high fov 180 Hz VR headset

    In October of 2020 I discovered pimax on reddit and after informing myself about their headsets and the many complaints about the sde, colors, sharpness and shipping times which I think they have fixed as I got my 5k super in just 14 days after ordering in early December, when I was making an order I was expecting it to come after a couple of months but came pretty fast to eu, it came with no issues and after some setting changing I was ready to go, sde is do able and is only on the edges of the lenses and mostly on the bot and top not a deal breaker as you get used to it and forget about it, the headsets and very immersive that you sometimes forget that you're in vr (tested only in iracing, I will have to get the controllers and base stations to play something else) it's sharp with the right settings so you will see more around you and further into the distance, some headsets might have sharper image and are cheaper but you lose the fov and hz which to me are very important after trying it and I won't go back to low fov Hz vr headsets. The audio is meh, it's like playing music on your phone speaker instead of headphones as they're not on ear the standard audio strap. The colors are a bit lacking but it's do able. If it's blurry in the middle of the lenses after you touch them with your hair, clean it with a cloth and it should go away and find a good sweet spot

    What I would like to be upgraded in the next pimax vr headset (8k super) :

    Deluxe audio head strap instead of standard
    Improved colors
    Improved sde
    Improved sharpness
    Longer cable
    Higher Hz on large FoV
    Higher FoV of 200 from 170
    Maybe some auto optimization feature in pitool to make the headsets more ready out of the box.

    4 out of 5
    5 out of 5 will go to the upgraded version that I wanna see next which will be hard to do and might come out after 1-3 years(8k super)
    5k super should satisfy you until then.

    Amazing VR headset, even better as 2020 buy.

    So buying this headset, ive been constantly bombarded by the bad reputation of the company, however I still went and bought the product and I have good and bad things to say about it. First off visuals, they are stunning. Combined with 180hz and high FOV and the fact that SDR isn't noticeable (for me) I love the visuals of this headset and I couldn't have asked for more. I will say though using the 180hz mode isn't really worth it enough to buy it over the index, but the FOV for me at least definitely is a game changer. Its extremely smooth and and everything just works out of the box and almost natively with valve index base stations and controllers. A complaint I have is the fact that the FOV's listed at the bottom of the store page don't actually correlate with the refresh rates, so you can only use high FOV with 90hz mode for some reason. Maybe its just that haven't updated the software yet or its actually designed this way. From 120hz and above it only allows you to use small and normal FOV which is a bummer as its not what is advertised, but that's minor and I have a feeling that its just a software issue and isn't unlocked yet. Most of my complaints come from the audio strap's audio quality. I've gotta say its better than I expected, but simply isn't loud enough for either the mic or headphone audio even maxed out and I think I will just go ahead and buy the DAS to replace the MAS. Atleast with the MAS comfort is good. That's pretty much all I have to say about it and for a headset released in 2020 I'm glad I bought this over the index.


    6m Fiber Optical Cable
    6m Fiber Optical Cable

    6m Fiber Optical Cable

    $ 119.00 USD
    Pimax | Ultraleap | Handtracking Module
    Pimax | Ultraleap | Handtracking Module

    Hand Tracking Module

    $ 169.95 USD
    Pimax | VR Comfort Kit (11mm-Thin)
    Pimax | VR Comfort Kit (11mm-Thin)

    VR Comfort Kit (11mm-Thin)

    $ 49.95 USD
    Pimax VR Silicone Protective Sleeve
    Pimax VR Silicone Protective Sleeve
    Pimax VR Silicone Protective Sleeve

    Silicone Protective Sleeve

    $ 27.50 USD
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