Pimax Vision 8K X

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Pimax Vision 8K X

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    • What's included: 1 * 8K X VR Headset、1 * 4.5m USB/DP Cable、1 * User Manual




    Customer Reviews

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    Awesome! I use for iRacing (switched from Samsung Odyssey plus, which is a great entry-level/mid-level VR headset) and the Pimax 8kx definitely delivers with my Nvidia 3090 graphics card (can do large FOV and everything on high settings in iRacing with the right setup in PiTool). I don’t really do any other games and have not tried upscale mode yet (don’t need it, as 75Hz is absolutely fine for sim racing), but If you are a sim racer then the Pimax 8kx field of view and resolution makes it the absolute best.

    Getting close to perfection!

    The resolution is so important to me that I let my Vive Pro gather dust when I discovered 4k native res per eye is available. With a RTX 3080 most games are smooth and sharp, and others struggle with FPS as you would expect eg. MSFS.

    To achieve perfection (IMO)?

    1) Increase the sharp resolution sweet spot
    2a) Improve the lenses so that pixels are not visible (Sigh - I still see them / minor screen door effect)
    3) Improve the colors and especially the blacks (OLED blacks would be awesome)

    Cheers guys, keep working hard. Can't wait to see the next gen. And let's hope the GPU's can keep up ;)

    pimax 8kx

    wow i am so happy i took a chance with you guys software needs work but my god what a view .have to say some games are a completely new experience i do miss my deep blacks but mind blown ! Thankyou for your work.

    Outstanding for DCS and Elite dangerous

    I used a 5 k plus for 18 months and the 8KX is a great upgrade! Clear wide view!!

    The best product, not one of them

    Very good product, wide viewing angle, high-definition resolution, it brings a brand new experience, and it is very comfortable to wear.