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Performance Optimization

Personalized Function 

Personalized Function


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Release Date: 2021/03/22

Version: v1.0.1.270

File Size: 118MB



New Features:

1. Added headset front light bar on off option, and removed the color change function.
2. Added Pimax Experience option.
3. Added USB power supply mode guide.
4. Fixed the Large FOV option not shown in 5K super 90HZ mode.
5. Improve the stability of the firmware upgrade.
6. Fix some bugs.



Firmware Update

Not For 8K X

Firmware Version: 270    Release Date:2021/1/22 

New Features:

1. Fix the black screen issue on some 5K Super headset.
2. Fix the low brightness issue on 5K XR headset.

Firmware 270 Update


Version: 264

Firmware 264 Update



For 8K X

Firmware Version: 296    Release Date:2021/1/22 

New Features:

1. Added 60HZ option for native mode.
2. Fix the accidental black screen problem in upscaling mode

Firmware 296  

Version: 294  Release Date:2020/12/16

Firmware 294