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Performance Optimization

Personalized Function 

Personalized Function



Release Date: 2020/6/1

Version: v1.0.1.260

File Size: 125.86MB



Release Version

1. Added game search engine on game settings.

2. Allowed 5KPlus runs on 144Hz.

3. Added Traditional Chinese on language selection.

4. Resolved the firmware upgrade bug.

5. Resolved the disabled saved game configurations bug.

6. Fixed the GPU catalyst initial value as 10.

Release Date: 2020/9/1

Version: V_1.0.1.263

File Size: 119MB



Beta (Support Eye Tracking )

New Features:
1. Display Port Signal Strength Diagnostic. To assist users in choosing DP with best quality/strength signal.
2. Eye Tracking Module support and software.
Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed color channel error in settings.
2. Fixed error popup reported in version 262.
Known issues:
1. This version may cause the eye tracking module temperature to be slightly higher.
2. The tracking accuracy of this version is slightly low.
 Both of these issues will be fixed on next versions.