PiTool Features


-Parallel Projection Compatibility solves the ‘double image’ issue that may occur in some games, and Field of View Adjustment allows you to select the FOV for your preference.

Perfermance Optamization

-With Smart Smoothing, Fixed Forveated Rendering, Render Quality Adjustment and Refresh Rate Adjustment, you will be able to run graphics-demanding games without a high-end graphics card.

Personalized Function

-Black-Level Adjustment (for 5K XR only), Color Channel and Contrast& Brightness Adjustment give you the freedom to choose the color of the image that better appeals to your eyes.
-Switch of Lighthouse Solution,IPD and Screen Vertical Offset Value Adjustment allows you to do more customization with you HMD.


Release Date: 2019/12/18

Version: v1.0.1.249

File Size: 125.86MB


What’s New

1. Integrated New User Guide.

2. Integrated Ticket Submission.(Will get more details)

3. Potato FoV implemented on some Models.


Issue Fixed

1. Oculus Game support Updated. (Ie Stormland)

2. Improved Controller Compatibility for some games like Nostos.

3. Improved stability with refresh rate changes.

4. Improved 3dof Gyro stability.