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5K PLUS VR Headset
5K PLUS VR Headset 5K PLUS VR Headset 5K PLUS VR Headset 5K PLUS VR Headset

5K PLUS VR Headset

83 reviews
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Product Description

Customer Reviews
4.6 Based on 83 Reviews
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jeff A.
United States United States
I have played vr for over five years and started with the gearvr,dk2,cv1,odyssey,quest,reverb and now 5kplus.

I would like to see those base stations dropped and exchanged for hmd mixed reality cameras.I think Pimax is something that is out now but really very futuristic.A idea and vision and innovation that should be coming out in like four years or just show a prototype.Its here and it brings you into the inner dimension of the game metaverse.Jesus is my Lord and Savior,He saved my life and soul.

Scott M.
United States United States
First VR HMD and so far it's good with some problems and questions

First of all I do not think I could ever fly DCS without VR ever again! It took me awhile to not get vertigo and honestly I still do on occasion. The feeling that I am actually in the cockpit is astounding to say the least. I am a professional software engineer and VERY picky about how software works and how user interfaces present themselves. I was happily amazed when I was able to get everything up and running in fairly short order with just little tweaks here and there. This technology is not perfect nor is it's renderings 100% reliable like those of my 2K monitor at 144Hz but I must say the graphics and even text renderings are even easier to see in VR then they are in 2K. I am still tinkering with settings but in PiTool I am only able to select 120Hz and NOT the advertised 144Hz. I have checked for the latest drivers and software and still 120Hz is the max. Some other software issues are: 1. Brain Warp is non-operational. Not even sure what this is supposed to accomplish? 2. I played with Render Quality (1.25) and GPU Catalyst (.75) a bit and it seemed to improve resolution and clarity in DCS but I am wondering if there is anymore information on what these settings do exactly? 3. Fixed Foveated Rendering is set to Balanced but again I ask under which gaming or sim conditions should this be changed? Also the indicator for FFR always says Inactive unless Close is selected. 4. I have a lighthouse but I notice that in DCS the 9-Axis seems to be more stable. Are the lighthouses mainly designed for the games where you stand and interact? 5. In DCS I cannot seem to ever zoom in. I am not sure if this is limitation of the HMD or the Sim but I am asking the question in both places. 6. Sometimes in DCS it looks like there is dirt in the VR picture and I am beginning to these particles are the Fresnel lens artifact that I have been reading about? 7. Are the Fresnel lenses replaceable? I bought my HMD used from a third party and I have the original box. Does this entitle me to certain upgrades in the future? Thanks for making a quality product. My system is an i7-7700K OC'd to 4.8Ghz, 32 GB DDR4 3200, RTX-2080 8GB.

John H.
Australia Australia

Just Looking here at Present I would like to know if this will be Compatible with the New 2020 MS Flight Sim ? Thank you Very Much !

Joshua D.
Canada Canada
Excellent product, was able to deliver quickly during the pandemic!

I've owned Rift cv1,Rift-s, Vive Pro and Cosmos Elite and I must say the Pimax is far superior and gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of configuration in comparison to its competitors. Pimax was able to deliver my product to me from HK to Canada very quickly during the pandemic, a feat that many competitors were unable to match. Bravo Pimax!

Travis G.
United States United States
Great headset but blurry outside of a very tiny sweetspot and can see fresnel lens cut

I really like this headset and consider it far better than the Vive I had tried before in picture quality and FOV. Unfortunately the lenses are not as good as I'd like in order to make this a perfect experience. For one, on brighter scenes I can make out the circular peaks and valleys of the fresnel cut to the lenses. Also the image/lenses are blurry outside of a very small sweet spot in which I need to have the headset positioned. It is comfortable and I can wear it for long periods without weight being an issue. VorpX with its Desktop Viewer and/or Virtual Desktop on Steam are must haves for this.