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Pimax Vision 8K X

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    What's included: 1 * 8K X VR Headset、1 * 4.5m USB/DP Cable、1 * User Manual

    Customer Reviews

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    Connectivity Issues

    The Pimax 8k X was well worth the purchase. i am loving it. The only issue so far is that one of my basestation 2.0 has to be replugged every so often as it just turns off. Unfortunately without the Vive Link Box, there is no way to correct this that I can find. Other than that connectivity problem, it runs great. It did freeze up at one point and I had to restart the PiTool but that was the worst I have seen.

    So much to learn

    I have barely scratched the surface on how to set up and use my pimax 8K. To date it seems to have some difficulty with the lighthouse units. I haven't experimented with the 9 axis system yet. I have been able to play my beat saber game though, with good results.
    When I first put on the head set there were significant light leaks at the sides of my face. I was able to put some of the packing material between the foam mask and face shell, to solve this. It looks weird, but the set up is light tight. Then it took a little while to find the control for distance between the eyes.
    This headset is a little heavier than the valve index; the headset is not as secure on my head, and results in display bounce when I move my head sharply. Over all a fine new display for my VR dreams

    Great Tech!

    Nice upgrade from my 5K+, however, the extra cost is a little steep. Paid AUD$2300 including the 6m optical cable.

    Pro's > High Res, Wide FOV, SDE almost gone, powers directly from USB.
    Con's > KDMAS needs a counter weight at the rear to balance the HMD better. I also wish the headphone cushions were wider so they would touch my ears. This would improve the bass and overall sound quality.

    Conclusion: Besides some Pitool software hickups I'm really enjoying this product on my 5600X + 6800 GPU. Pimax is always improving their SW so everything is getting better all the time. Love the new Pimax VR Experience GUI, so a big thanks to Sweviver and ArtArmin.

    If you have the cash to splash it's an awesome HMD otherwise the 5K+ offers great value for money if your budget is tighter.

    Pimax 8k X

    I wish I could give a better review of the headset at this time. The headset arrived within 2 weeks of ordering, however, it was unclear (for somebody new to VR) that the headset would be pretty much useless without the base stations and controllers. Both are depicted with the Headset on the Pimax website yet are not included unless you add the Bundle. This is a bit misleading. A warning should be clear to customers purchasing the headsets without these extras. My mistake I guess...

    I happily purchased the base stations and controllers once realizing this. However, I have now been waiting for over 4 weeks and still have not received them. So over 6 weeks later I have no idea if the headset even works. I would expect better support after spending this kind of money. Hope to get a chance to improve this review one day.


    J'ai le 8Kx. Je suis le type qui aime jouer avec les réglages et passer du temps à paramétrer. Ce produit est fait pour moi. La qualité d'image est à la hauteur à ce que je m'attendais. Soit excellente et que dire du 200°. Étant satisfait, j'ai commandé le câble plus long ainsi que le système de suivit pour les yeux... Donc à voir sur ces deux sujets. En espérant gagner quelques FPS avec le suivit des yeux.
    Je suis conscient que l'ensemble fonctionne en parallèle à d'autre plate forme, tel que Steam VR. J'aurais souhaité un action rapide de Pimax pour orienter les utilisateurs à choisir des réglages en fonction de leurs systèmes plutôt que laisser certain s'engouffrer dans des réglages à plus finir ou du moins laisser l'option d'une auto-configuration possible. Bien que d'excellents forums sont consultables. Soit une position claire de Pimax sur la façon de faire et ce même avant la finalisation de Pimax Expérience qui offrira l'opportunité à l'utilisateur de choisir ça configuration en fonction du système qu'il possède .